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on my sweetest smile…..☻☺ November 4, 2009

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November 29 Birthday Astrology

by Jill M. Phillips

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A November 29 Sagittarius finds their greatest self-realization through love of others. They are ruled by emotions but can be objective about personal motives. Charming and attractive, they have a dark side that even those closest to them may not understand. Their potential for self-discovery is great, but they must learn to tell themselves the truth.


Sagittarius Information for November 29
You should embrace:
A self-nurturing attitude, calm, togethernessYou should avoid:
Chaos, discord, impossible goals

Friends and Lovers

Friends provide a mirror by which November 29 men and women decipher their image. They have a tendency to confide in those close to them, then regret it. In romantic relationships, they are at their most vulnerable. They want to trust someone but may be unable to because of their insecurities.

Children and Family

Childhood is often a precarious time for November 29 natives. They may feel they did not receive the nurturing they required to feel good about themselves. When they become parents, they are sensitive to their child’s emotional needs. Remembering their difficulty, they will encourage their kids to become socially adept.

HealthAlthough they are generally healthy, people born on this date sometimes experience health problems related to emotional or psychological factors. As long as their attitude remains upbeat, they are fit as a fiddle. Yet should a relationship go wrong or a career turn sour, they may lose all interest in pursuing a healthful lifestyle.

Career and Finances

In order to boost self-confidence, November 29 men and women need to seek out careers that give them opportunities to project their personality through their work. They have enormous charm, yet their shyness sometimes keeps them from displaying it. They are generous with money but possess a good head for business.

Dreams and Goals

People born on this date are often unwilling to set firm goals for fear they’ll be unable to achieve them. This attitude needs to be dispelled before any progress can be made. They are able to bring many dreams to fruition through partnerships, both romantic and platonic.

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Jill M. Phillips is the author of hundreds of articles on astrology as well as dozens of books. She has regularly written forecast columns for Astrology: Your Daily Horoscope.


PoEm November 3, 2009

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Facebook This piece has been published in Teen Ink's monthly print magazine.

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By Jo-Dean S., Minneapolis, MN
Photo credit: Daniel N., Gibsonia, PA
Author’s comments about this article:
This is a poem about facebook. It’s not meant to be funny, but it certainly could be. I sort of envision it as spoken word, so try saying it out loud if you have the chance.

I see that it’s easier for you
To write on my wall rather than
Talk to me face to face.
It’s easier for you to flirt and chat and poke and
Find out where I’ve been and
Where I’m going and
Who I’m talking to.
This way you can look at
My photos, my videos, my comments,
Look at them all
And I will never know what
You saw.
You do this because it’s easier for
But it’s easier for me too.
Maybe I don’t want to see your
Face, your real face,
Or look at you.
Maybe I don’t want to do something
As simple as pick up the phone and give
You a call.
Or even a text.
Or maybe I’m just bitter because
You chat with several girls at a time
But never get back to me First
Or Last.
I’m lumped in the middle of your
Facebook Flirting.
And sometimes it hurts.
All because it’s easier for you.
And me.


samsung fanatics

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9 months more!hay……

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yes!!! 9 months na lang na paghihintay uwi na xa…hehehe im so excited and i just can’t hide it (parang kanta un a)whatever!cyempre naman,cnu ba namang di mapapakanta,after 2 years of long wait finally pauwi na xa,hindi biro ang 2 years na un,napakatagal na un 4 me especially palagi kau mgkasama.nkakainip mgisip,mgintay at mg pretend na ok everyday khet u know deep in your heart ♥ part of u is missing,kulang ung everyday life mo.

anjan ung sleepless nyts,imaginations,reminiscing at ano pa mgilusyon na katabi mo lang xa.kainggit nga seeing those lovers na holding hands while walking,mgkaakbay,masaya magkasama,with matching nakaw na kiss pa!hay….bilisan mo LORD,matagal pa rin ang 9 months,mejo matagal pa rin ako maiinggit sa iba….hahaha kunsabagay patience is a virtue.darating din un….just patiently wait….nakupo!!!!!!!


istoryang may katuturan naman☻☻☻ October 16, 2009

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after graduation ko way back ___(don’t want to mention the date,mlaman nyo pa age ko,hahaha!),in demand daw CALL CENTER AGENTS,mataas pa sweldo…..i told myself wow!kaya ko kaya un?????isang batanguenya na walang ka slang slang,not even fluent sa english.sabi nila GO! u can make it,my script naman daw babasahin mo lang.ah ok cge,matry nga….(lakas ng loob ha!)testing baga! ayan na nga tapos na graduation….job hunting na,ung isa ko kaklase grabe tanggap agad sa call center after application ng isang araw lang!aba feeling ko nung college mas magaling ako dun a,di rin xa ganun kagaling sa english,ibig sabihin kaya ko din….magaling pa nga ako dun e!magtatry talaga ko sa loob loob ko…. pagkatapos ng ilang linggo…di pa rin ako nagaaply,la pang pondo,hehehe…ktext ko si friend nung college…(here’s the txt)”oi ganda (ganda tlaga e…..e sa un talaga ang txt) alam mo ba c MOKONG (di totoong pangalan) nsa KANGKUNGAN CALL CENTER (di rin totoong call center).cyempre i replied is my reply: “owwwssss! (makareact naman)…… mas magaling pa din ako dun a!!!!!!!pnu xa natanggap?talagang magaaply na ko,mgyayaya ako ng kasama. walang sumama ako lang ang malakas ang loob talaga.Go hahaha…..!!!!! FIRST TARGET: West Contact Services MAKATI mass hiring daw,i was being informed by my friend.go agad ang lola mo,nagsama ng ibang friend kc di naman ako marunong sa makati.ang taas ng building,nakakagulat naman,ibang iba ambiance…..pero cge tuloy na ‘to andito na.written exam agad,nahirapan ako ng bonnga sa math,bopols talalga ko dun eversince.ang resulta ng exam,pasado lahat,except for 1….MATH!!!!!!!grrrrrrrrrrrr….they advised me to go back for retake,hala yoko na ang hirap,lecheng math un. Di ako nawalan ng pag asa……. if they can do it,why can’t i!o diba its a matter of attitude. NEXT TARGET: PLDT MAKATI initial interview pa lang plangak!di umubra ang lola mo,napapaicip na ‘ko tuloy,bakit cla nakapasa,y can’t i??????y,y,y,y,y,y???????GRRRRRRRR magaaply pa ulet ako!ndi pwedeng ndi ako papasa malaki na gastos ko noh! pangatlo na ‘to ha TELETECH ROBINSONS LIPA ang dami exams,sobra dami,written,online plus interviews pa!kaloka….but wait nasurvive ko xa,i was able to reach the FINAL INTERVIEW,pag kc di ka pumasa sa mga naunang tests pinapauwi na,meaning nkapasa ako,isa na lang,eto na lang FINAL INTERVIEW na lang…..kakakaba talaga.langya,ang hirap ng final interview,una pa lang she mentioned that i need to answer all her questions in english…..ok i’ll try…. done with the final interview….i was told that unfortunately,huhuhuhuhu,i didn’t make it.they’ll be keeping my records and will contact me if ever they will be needing me.(how sad,it just goes to show that BOKYA pa rin ako,pangatlo na ‘to!,hhhhhmmmmmpppp!) It didn’t stop me from believing na someday i can be called Call Center Agent(eventhough i still don’t know what does it mean to become one,un ang in demand,un ang work ng mga friends,kelangan i’m in) for the FOURTH TIME AROUND: CONVERGYS STA. ROSA wahahahaha,pati call center ngeevolve,from mejo di kilalang center to DYOSANG call center,malakas loob bang mag CONVERGYS.”why not,testing lang naman ulet,tsaka i have this saying “there’s no harm in trying”(palusot lang) INITIAL INTERVIEW sa CONVERGYS i was given picture,iexplain ko daw in 5 minutes ata or 2 minutes,i forgot na.guess what?ang picture na nakuha ko mga amerikanang nagsasayaw,hala pnu kya un????? START:(tagalugin ko na lang ung sinabi ko ha hahaha)sabi ko christmas party ng barkada namen un,ako mismo kumuha ng picture kaya wala ako sa picture (as if na may amerikana ako barkada,basta lang!)nagsasayaw cla so on and so forth,nung paubos na oras halos di na ko nakaimik,wala na ko masabi pa.nku alam ko na status ko kahit di na sabihin,malamang na BAGSAK! at ano pa nga ba,announcement ng mga nakapasa,they didn’t mention me…Wow talaga may place ba ako sa call center industry?whats wrong with me?at ang malala pa nito,nilagnat ako pagkatapos ng interview sa sobrang frustration.bakit ndi ko magawang makapasok….huhuhuhu,i’m losing faith in me.what’s with them that i don’t have?wwwwhaaaaaaattttttt!!!!!!!!!!?????? makapagpahinga muna,wala na ko datung aside from nawawalan na ‘ko ng pagasa….parang di naman ata ako qualified sa posisyon.pero hindi pa din,pipilitin ko makapasok talaga,i’l take a rest muna from stress and para makapag move on na rin sa sobrang failure na inabot ko. after a month….i learned about PNI-KMPG….yes,this is the next company PNI-KMPG ORTIGAS 2 interviews,1 initial and 1 final interview…. i was able to reach the final interview,pasa na sa initial…kaba na naman kalaban ko.kelangan ko na galingan to.for Final Interview,choose a number then discuss the topic in two topic is i need to choose between KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM.nilakasan ko na lang loob ko kelangan ko na mgkatrabaho,kelangan ko ‘to.inartehan ang boses,nilagyan ng konting slang at todo explain na lang kahit paulit ulit na,charge to experiences sa previous 4 call center na inaplayan na hindi pinasahan,haaaay! once again….announcement na naman.i hardly pray,lahat ng santo natawag ko na,hawak ko pa rosary ko. tsug,bug,tsug,bog,bog…..(heart beat yan,ndi na normal noh!) Well guys,u have to believe,i was on the list who made it!Yehey!!!!!!!!!finally nakapasa na ako!(dapat lang naman panlima ko na ‘to,tsaka imagine maaga pa ko nagapply,inumaga din ako sa PNI-KMPG,umaga na natapos ang application) Oo nga nakapasa na ko,forwarded for training.ang dami ko pinagdaanan trainings,10 days training daw pag di nakapasa sa evaluation TSUGI din(nakupo,di pa pala assured na ok na ko,panibagong kaba,pero cge i’m hir na so i’l be the best that i can be…attitude na naman yan!) after 4 days of training,gulo pa utak ko,di pa sink in lahat ng tinuro,pnu kaya ito magkocall na daw kame on the fifth day,wwhhhhaaattttt?????wala pa ko alam…huhuhuhu iyak na naman ako.”gusto mo yan e,di magdusa ka!” (yan ang told ko sa sarili ko) 5th day,i was on floor na,i was being told to log in and i am going to take calls na raw,huhhhhhhh!(malalim na hinga)kaya ko ‘to….log in na ko….RINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG (unang ring)RINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG (2nd ring)langya ngring na telepono,that would be my first call,pnu ko gagawen,kinakabahan ako. The caller says ” i am a bank rep and i am calling in behalf of the customer KEME asking for CHENES.huh?ano daw un?Hold ka muna jan bank rep di ko pa alam gagawen,halos ibato ko na phone.hagilap ng supervisor kung ano pede gawen dun,i was told that if the bank rep is the one who called, simply transfer the call to EPH.aba andali pala,sana bank rep lagi kol ko,hehehe.BUT WAIT! mali daw ginawa ko,before i transfer the call,i need to pull up the record of the customer first,verified it,ask for the concern,make notations of the call,then that is the time that i will transfer the call.nakupo ganun pala un,ang haba ng gagawen,mahirap pala.cge next time un na gagawen ko,cnxa tao lang,tanga pa sa call,NEWBIE ika nga.i was scheduled 3am to 11am,sobrang dami pala calls sa time na un,halos di ko na maibaba ang phone,tawag ng tawag customer,ring ng ring phone ko,walanjo!di na ko magkandatuto,wala na notation ung ibang call,cnxa ulet nagaadjust pa,kabado at may kasama pang katal hahaha. from that day onward,pasok ako ng pasok,iba ko kasama ngquit na,di na daw kaya.hala ako go,sayang naman,andito nako tsaka may bago na ko saying “alang grade 6 na di dumaan sa grade 1,di ba tama na naman,so natural sa una mahihirapan pa ako bago ko maabsorb lahat.cge lang ng cge….. hanggang sa umabot na ko ng 1 bwan at mejo nakakaadjust na,alam ko na panu ihandle,although i have lapses,i know may alam na ko…hehehe. after 3 months,nakita ko sa FTP may perfect call na ko,take note,not only but two PERFECT CALL,so how was that?see…..sabi ko na nga ba kaya ko at napatunayan ko na yan ngaun (yabang na!) four months na ko sa PNI-KMPG,1 araw,my CHARGEBACK ako!that customer named LIGAYA NG BUHAY KO (cyempre di totoong pangalan,americans kaya customer namen) filed disputes regarding sa charge nya,LAGOT!there was an update pa naman na once customer dispute the charge,TERMINATED ang agent.CHARGEBACK NGA AKOOOOOOOO!!!!di na ko nakaiyak,ano magagawa ko,purita si customer,gusto pala ng refund,cancel lang hiningi sken.yae na nga,ala naman ako magagawa. Di naman ako terminated,fortunately ung dati ko supervisor kinuha ako for other account (account na super sensitive daw pero she told me na kaya ko daw un e di GO kesa walang trabaho) grabe this new account that i have is super sensitive nga,i was trained ng isang araw,the next day call agad,kamusta naman un!after that call,hala naemail agad name ko,may error ako,cnxa ulet for the THIRD time,baguhan sa account,just give me time to adjust.hahaha After 3 days,hataw sa call ang dami,di naman makapagnotate,di na nga ako ngbreak,matapos lang notation.hahaha NEWBIE ulet???? After a week,ay mukhang pede na,when i was being coached,maganda evaluations,see….i told u guys,its just a matter of time and attitude.who would have thought na magagawa ko to lahat after all my failures in the past?its an achievement na on my part. As i am getting use with the calls under this new account that they tagged as “sensitive” among all the accounts here in PNI-KMPG,isn’t it an honor for me to have another perfect call again?Yes!may perfect call ulet ako.pede na ba kop tawagin CALL CENTER AGENT?well,i guess….yabang ko na ata a,well just stating the fact that i’ve gone through this and that before i reached where i am right now. Until now andito parin ako sa account na ‘to,ALIVE and KICKING…cyempre sa PNI-KMPG din. that’s it for now….. habang ginagawa ko ‘to naka 2 UPSELLS ako,kamusta naman un!hahaha ☻☻☻☺☺☺♥♥♥☻☻☻☺☺☺♥♥♥☻☻☻


my kind of lovin’ October 5, 2009

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Once in a Lifetime


been thinkin’ ’bout you baby and i don’t know what to do all i think about is you seems everything around me things i never understood they all make sense when i’m with you ohh i heard it all before finding so called love then you leave it behind but now i feel so sure i listen to my heart this time put my heart before my mind i know that what i found is once in a lifetime and i know there’s no way out co’z its once in a lifetime i’ve always been so lonely no one there for me to hold and even night was just so cold ohh don’t get me wrong what i am doin’ around co’z i’ve resigned myself to thingking mine is just another story often told ohh i heard it all before finding so called love then you leave it behind but now i feel so sure i listen to my heart this time put my heart before my mind ohh ohhh ohhh